Esiah has solutions to our most pressing issues

Esiah is committed to fighting for lower property taxessmarter gun-laws and advocating for small businesses.

He is unapologetically Pro-Choice and will work to ensure that no woman is turned away in Lake County who seek reproductive health treatment, since her home state considers her a criminal. Read more about the issues that matter to you.

Pandemic Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic ripped through communities and disrupted every aspect of life for all Illinoisans. In particular, marginalized communities including Latino, Black, Native American, and Asian American populations suffered some of the highest rates of infection and mortality.

As of June 2022, over 1 million Americans have lost their lives.

Regrettably, the truth is that many lives could have been saved and the spread of COVID-19 could have been significantly mitigated if not prevented altogether if Federal, State, and Local governments were better prepared and had strong policies aimed at preventing future pandemics.

Moving forward, it is critical that significant government resources are directed at the prevention of future pandemics. Doing so will not only save potentially millions of lives, but also potentially billions of dollars.

The Federal government’s slow response and lack of adequate preparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic only amplifies the necessity for Lake County, in coordination with local municipal entities, to ensure every level of government is doing everything in its level of authority to prevent and mitigate the effects of any future pandemic.

It also necessitates a coordinated call to our federal representatives in the U.S. House and Senate to take immediate action to 

  • Assess and address biosecurity risks in our nation’s research laboratories, particularly those that engage in research involving communicable diseases.
  • Promote the independent oversight of labs conducting dual-use research
  • Investing in the research and development of prototype vaccines, protocols, and necessary technological and physical infrastructure to prevent likely pathogens from spreading

Proactive preparedness also requires that the State of Illinois take whatever steps possible to act on these matters where the federal government may have inaction.

Pandemic prevention must be a top priority for Lake County and the State of Illinois. Ensuring our government is ready for the next communicable disease will save billions of taxpayer dollars and potentially millions of lives.

Stormwater Infrastructure

As the threat of Global Warming continues to rise, the need for adequate Stormwater Infrastructure will be a critical issue for residents of the Round Lake Area. Residents should not have their lives uprooted due to flooding because Lake County failed to provide the Adequate funds to upgrade our infrastructure.

As a board member, I will fight tooth and nail to ensure that our District (16) is given its fair share of funding to address these concerns. The Lake County State Representatives and Governor just approved a $122 Million Stormwater Infrastructure package which will be given to the Lake County Board to spend throughout Lake County. If we do not have a leader who will fight for our District, these funds will be spent elsewhere and our residents will continue to be plagued by flooding. The money is available without any need for a tax increase, we need a board member who understands these issues and will fight for our community before we are underwater.

Gas Tax

The invasion of Ukraine, Inflation, and the rising cost of gas, has put a strain on everyone’s pocketbook. Families have been budgeting and making cuts within their households to make ends meet. We need to find ways to provide relief in these unprecedented times and allow families to breathe a little easier. This is why I am the only candidate running for Lake County Board to advocate for suspending the Gas Tax. Families should not have to choose between buying milk and eggs or filling up their car to get to work next week. Our residents are spread too thin and need a break. The State of Illinois has suspended its Gas and Grocery Tax, it is time that Lake County does the same.

Safe Communities

While running for Board I have surrounded myself with people who are intimately familiar with the issues of the County. Among these experts, I have met with Lake County Sheriff Idleburg about the issues he faces within his department and the issues of the County. At any given time there are 15 officers on patrol within Lake County. This leaves a significant hole in police presence which puts a burden on our residents and police officers who put their lives on the line every time they are on patrol. As a Board member, I will explore ways to increase police presence without having to increase taxes and without burdening our officers who already are asked to do the impossible.

Women’s Reproductive Rights & Health Care

In light of the leaked draft decision on Roe v. Wade, I believe it is a right for every voter to know where their leaders stand on the issue of a women’s right to choose. I am unapologetically Pro-Choice and have never been anything but. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, it will be up to the states to decide whether to allow women to have the right to choose. Consequently, Lake County could see an influx of medical refugees from neighboring states. It will be up to the leaders of Lake County to ensure that hospitals and clinics are well provided for and that no woman is turned away because her home state considers her a criminal.